• Overview
    What is MiniCaravan?

    Research shows that learning computer science promotes critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and engagement in real world skills.
    MiniCaravan is an introductory program to computer science and coding for kids ages 5 to 7 years old. We will be using Scratch Jr., an introductory programming language developed by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Media Lab as well as robotics and learning activities to teach computer science.
  • What Students will Learn
    Topics course will cover

    Introduction to coding & robotics
    Building interactive stories, games & animations with Scratch Jr.
    Computer science basics & fundamentals
  • Prerequisites
    Things you need to do before

    No prerequisites for this program - anyone between the ages of 5 to 7 can join!
  • Program Details & Price

    JUNE 24 TO JULY 12

    3 weeks (Sunday - Thursday)
    10am to 1pm

    KWD 180
    Location: Acro Gymnastics Academy, Crystal Tower
  • Instructor
    Who will teach the course?

    Minicaravan Instructor: Ms. Melodie Griffin

    Melodie has taught for 8 years in grades pre-k through grade 12. She has high expectations for her students. She loves to learn and have fun. She is certified to teach Kinder through Grade 12

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